Marketing and Sales Management
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Just because you have opened your doors, will the customers come?

Having a great idea is not enough. Sales, advertising, and promotion and public relations must be formalized into the market place. We must provide the products our customers need and want, we must identify the prices our customers are willing to pay for our products, we must make the products easily available to our customers, and we must communicate our products, pricing, and our offerings so that our customers can find us and utilize our products or services.

Bayah Hospitality will work with your marketing and sales team to assist you in building and refining your hospitality marketing plan.

Bayah will assist you in the following steps:

  1. Conduct marketing audit
  2. Identify target markets
  3. Position your property
  4.  Set goals and objectives
  5. Establish action plans
  6. Monitor and evaluate the marketing plan.

In developing your your marketing plan, Bayah will assist you in the following:

  • Conduct property analysis, competition analysis, marketplace analysis.
  • Understand your market segments and identify your most profitable target market.
  • Develop your sales, net operating profit, market share, and social responsibility objectives.
  • Develop your promotion strategies, by identifying your most effective communication methods to convey your message to your customers.
  • Use best practices for developing promotions using traditional and new media.
  • Evaluating feedback from your customers to improve your Trip Advisor and other social media ratings.

Our assistance and guidance will make your organization pro-active rather than reactive.

In today’s and tomorrow’s challenging economic market, hospitality market is shrinking, competition among hotels and hotel brands is fierce, it is all about being responsive to your market and thus fighting to maintain or increase your market share.

To be successful in today’s ever-changing, challenging hospitality industry, the combined efforts of highly trained, competent, motivated, and innovative staff who are dedicated to meeting or exceeding the needs of the your customer.